***An Original By Thea Starr***
Hi! I'm Thea Starr.

I'm originally from a small island in Washington State where there were two ways on and off but rarely
bothered with either. I'm a mother of 4, three teenagers and one preteen.

You're probably reading this because you came across my kanzashi (fabric flowers).
I've been making tsumami kanzashi since 2002. When I started there were only 3 artists showing their work
online and I was one of them. I learned by trial and error. I started off small exhibiting in the West Seattle &
White Center neighborhoods. Then moved onto shows all over Seattle including;
I Heart Rummage &
Urban Craft Uprising.

Other notable appearances:
2006 MTV Style Lounge - MTV Movie Awards
2006 Miss Derringer Music Video -
Better Run Away From Me
2006 Seattle Asian Art Museum - Group Show
2008 MTV Style Lounge - MTV Movie Awards
2010 Academy Awards/Oscars Gift Lounge
Other info:

I co-founded the Everett, WA roller derby league the Jet City Rollergirls
With a DIYer spirit my "derby wives" & I worked hard to create a derby community. I am very proud to have a
hand in creating such a wonderful league that attracted some of the best people on Earth to join.
For the skater by the skater!
I also had the great pleasure of mixing two of my long time loves, big "noisy cars" and roller derby by founding my
team the
Camaro Harem.

More about my derby life as
Nova Payne here.

My dad owned & operated a small auto body repair shop after he retired from the military.
That was my first job. Thanks to that I am a "master" resin user and I teach classes on that medium at
Ben Franklin
Crafts in Redmond Washington.

My mom is Asian and taught me how to cook the American Asian way. Recipes are often shared on my blog.

Otherwise all that I'm just a plain old boring small town island girl.
Nova Payne # Dirty 30
Photo by Mobeter3 (Adam Sanders)
Jet City Rollergirls - Everett, WA
Camaro Harem - Guess which one is Thea
Camaro Harem