***An Original By Thea Starr***
2006 PlummyAward Winner
Craft Revolution 2005
Thea Starr on I Heart Rummage Post Card
CROQ Zine Issue #10
Button & Stitch
Thea authored a tutorial
for the collaboration book -
Button & Stitch.
Thea 's work was
featured in the book -
Stitched Jewels.
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Miss Derringer- Better Run Away From Me-Video
Artist Liz McGrath wears some of my earlier kanzashi
pieces in Miss Derringer's debut video.
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Other notable appearances:
2006 MTV Style Lounge - MTV Movie Awards
2006 Miss Derringer Music Video -
Better Run Away From Me
2006 Seattle Asian Art Museum - Group Show
2008 MTV Style Lounge - MTV Movie Awards
2010 Academy Awards/Oscars Gift Lounge